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3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Perform in a Recital

Last November, I had the pleasure of organizing the first Student Recital for E-Music School. All of the presentations were great, and each student confidently performed a song they had worked on for a while. However, some questions that I received from parents while checking their interest in participating in the recital inspired me to write this post.

Are recitals that important? Is my child ready to perform in public?

To answer these questions, here are three main reasons why you should support your child in presenting their new skills in public:

  1. Boost Performance

Having a clear goal, such as performing in a recital, can help improve your child’s performance. Knowing they have a set date to present will likely motivate them to intensify their practice time and increase their commitment to studying, leading to a better performance.

  1. Gain Confidence

Performing in a safe environment helps your child gain experience in front of a group. Experiencing this type of situation at a young age will help them face similar challenges in adulthood with greater ease. Performing in public not only helps their music talents but also improves their confidence in other areas of their life.

  1. Praise and Recognition

A recital is an opportunity for your child to show what they have learned and receive recognition for their dedication. It also provides a chance to invite family members to listen and praise the music they are making.

Finally, performing in a recital can bring a lot of benefits to your child and provide a great opportunity to listen to live music and meet other students on a similar learning journey.

Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your child’s performance, confidence, and recognition! Enroll them in E-Music School and give them the chance to perform in our next recital.

Book a trial lesson today and let’s start this musical journey together.

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